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Ampetronic FB18 50 metre reel of standard flat insulated cable

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Ampetronic FB18 50 metre reel of standard flat insulated cable

Product code: ACFB18/AMPFB18

  • 50 metre reel of Ampetronic's standard flat insulated cable is 18mm wide, with a copper section of 1.8mm².
  • The cable is the copper foil of 0.1mm thick and covered with bonded Polyester film.
  • For ease of installation, no adhesive tape is fixed to the copper tape to secure in position.
  • To warn people an adhesive warning tape should be used.
  • To turn a corner the tape is folded over.
  • When joining to another length of copper tape, at the end of the tape with a good soldering iron, melting the plastic coat with the solder and then insulate the solder joint with electrical tape.
  • To terminate the copper tape and connect to an induction loop amplifier solder on separate wires to the copper tape, and insulate with electrical tape.
  • Ensure the wires selected are the appropriate wire gauge for the size of the induction loop amplifier.
  • The cable is supplied in a 50m (160ft) reel.
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