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Samsung 55 inch WM55H Interactive Display Flip

Hover Over Picture with Mouse

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£1,575.00 (Including VAT)

Samsung 55 inch WM55H Interactive Display Flip

Product code: LH55WMHPTWC/SMWM55H

  • Samsung 55 inch WM55H Interactive Display Flip.
  • Draw, Write, Inspire. 
  • Enjoy the smooth, familiar feel of traditional writing in a versatile digital format, with a variety of colours, styles and widths available.
  • Up to 4 people can write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool. 
  • Through Samsung Flip's broad connectivity, you and your team can share and make notations within a variety of content files, all maintained at the optimal visual quality. 
  • Facilitators also can preview individual content pages and make instant.
  • Ensure that your game-changing ideas remain in the right hands through a reinforced security system.
  • Each in-office team can set a unique numeric password to lock the display and remove critical content from view. 
  • Align your personal devices with the central screen for interactive content visibility, notation and sharing.
  • The touch out control functionality allows users to sync their personal devices to the Flip for real-time viewing and control.
  • Changes made on the central screen will automatically transmit to the user's personal device, and vice versa, for efficient, matched viewing. 
  • Adjust to varying huddle room dynamics without sacrificing comfort. Featuring a versatile pivot mode and ergonomic stand, each Flip display can configure to a portrait or landscape orientation to match your collaborative needs. 
  • Any meeting participant knows the frustration of capturing and sending handwritten recaps.
  • Save conversations and critical content within the display's central storage, and easily share with your colleagues through mobile and digital channels.
  • InGlass technology ensures real-time feedback and speeds without delay.
  • With an ergonomic tilt of 4.5° and a spacious front tray and pen holder to house essential meeting tools, you and your team can stay comfortable and organized to focus on whats important. 
  • For the business with limited collaborative areas, the Samsung Flip elevates any personal office or available room into a fully-functional huddle space.
  • Samsung Flip maintains consistent and clear UHD picture quality regardless of the surrounding environment or use case, introducing more powerful and compelling visuals to the meeting room. 
  • Backed by the powerful TIZEN 3.0 operating system, the Flip offers extensive, centralized space to store meeting content.
  • Start your meetings on time and without a lengthy boot-up.
  • Embedded sensors activate the Flip display ad user approach the screen, pick ip a pen or rotate between portrait and landscape modes, allowing you and your colleagues to launch a new discussion or resume where you left off.
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